Shellfish stencil - How to trace 3 different shellfish

Posted by Carine Soriano on

This video Hilde shows you how she traces the 3 different shellfish layout you can use with the Shellfish stencil.

It really helps seeing all the lines you need to use for each design.

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  • What pens do you use to trace the patterns?
    Thank you!

    Kathy on
  • I haven’t used this stencil yet and now I cannot wait to try it !

    Thank you!

    Marie Carole on
  • absolutely fabulous, its amazing how that stencil tracing suddenly comes alive

    Sandy Kreft on
  • I agree, this video really helped.

    Judy on
  • the lines that are not “colored” are lines added either to “stabilize” the design so the stencil is strong or to make sure to get the maximum flexibility to fit any photo.

    carine soriano on

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