Facebook Community


I've been helping scrapbookers discover and enjoy European Style Scrapbooking since 2009.

Year after year, I built my expertise on trials and errors, always finding not only ways to improve the stencil collection, but also to teach how to get the best out of the photo layout system.

In 2015, I closed my Facebook page and moved to a Facebook Group, truly believing the "community" feature of a Facebook group was a better fit for scrapbookers to interact with each other and share the same passion.

After 5 years and more than 3,500 members all over the world, we have succeeded in keeping the same positive and encouraging "culture" inside our group :) I'm so happy and proud of this amazing community everyone has contributed to.

I can't wait to see this community continue to grow even bigger and better with YOU being part of it!

It's FREE to join and is a closed group.  To join us, please click HERE.