Are you a Lea France fan and would love to get 15% off on your next order?
    It's simple just become an ambassador.

    Here is how it works:

    You give your personal code to people you feel would love Lea France products. The code is super simple it is your first name + last name followed by 15off
    My name is Carine Soriano so my code would be CarineSoriano15off

    With this code, you get 15%off on your next order and they get 15% for their first order. WIN WIN !!!!

    A few things to keep in mind to be part of the ambassador program:
    • The person you refer to has to be NEW to Lea France and we cannot honor a past referral that happened before June 24 2022.
    • The person needs to send an email to mentioning your code so we can unlock her 15% off and your 15% off
    • You can share this code in an email to your email list or on your FB profile or at retreats now that life is getting back to normal :)

    VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT SPAM Facebook groups you belong to by giving away this code. This is not the place to do that, admins of FB group want their members to get inspired not bombarded with this type of offer. You will be removed permanently from the program if we are contacted by admins or members of groups that feel spammed.

    And for those of you that have been promoting Lea France before this new ambassador program, I cannot thank you enough.  Thanks to your amazing support to get my name out, I can now invest in my business in a lager scale and I decided that instead of "paying" marketing ads I will thank YOU by giving you back.

    Love and hugs