Ukrainian Embroidery Léa France® SVG files (digital)

Ukrainian Embroidery Léa France® SVG files (digital)

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Due to the digital nature of the products there is NO RETURN OR EXCHANGE.

If you own a cutting machine that uses SVG files, this will become the perfect addition to your Ukrainian Embroidery Plastic Stencil.

These files complement your Ukrainian Embroidery Plastic Stencil.

You will be able to cut intricate pieces of paper quickly and accurately.

These files include 12 pre-made combinations to help you quickly create your layout.

In addition to the pre-made files, you will have access to ALL of the plastic stencil shapes allowing you to weld multiple shapes to create any additional design you have in mind.  

We do not recommend using your machine to cut photos as you won't be able to do bump outs. Also getting the photos in the RIGHT position on the cutting mat could be more time consuming than tracing and cutting with a trimmer or scissors.

We have a video to show you how to use these SVG files here.

By purchasing this digital product, you agree on the terms of use below

Lea France retains the copyright to this SVG download. grants you permission to use this download for personal use ONLY. 

You are authorized to:

  • Use these designs in part or in whole for your personal scrapbooking pages or any kind of craft projects.
  • Alter design elements, re-size, subtract and add them to design your own personal projects. 
  • Weld any shapes included inside the file to be able to cut papers for a specific layout you have in mind.
  • Publish your scrapbooking layouts made using the SVG file on websites, blogs or Facebook groups.

You are NOT authorized to:

  • Share our designs in its original digital format AS IS or ALTERED in any way. This applies to forwarding the file via email or any internet communication tool even if you are not paid in return.
  • Copy, resell, distribute our designs in its original digital format AS IS or ALTERED in any way 
  • Publish the SVG file even in a PDF format on website pages, blogs or any internet platforms without written authorization from Lea France.