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French Photo Collage Instructions

Going to a crop party? Or have some friends you think would love to play with your stencils? Even older children can share the fun of French Photo Collage with our handy step-by-step instructions. Just Save or Copy/Paste the image below, et voilà! Your very own set of printable instructions.

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Basic steps to create a photo collage

This tutorial explains how to use a Léa France™ Photo Collage template. Compared to the well known Scrapbooking, Léa France™ Photo Collage is the art of putting the accent back on photos. No need for a lot of embellishments on the page, just your photos and a stencil.

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Photo Collage Maker: Create a pinwheel effect using Water Lily Stencil

Here is our latest video showing how to add a lovely pinwheel effect to your photo collage using Lea France Water Lily template. The French word in this video is “Moulin a vent” :)

Photo Collage Maker: 7 different methods to mark your photos

Hi Photo Collage enthusiasts, today I want to talk about the dry erase markers and all the options available to mark your photos. Of course, the dry erase marker is my favorite marker to trace onto my photos but when it doesn’t come off, you have many other options. Check out this video to find […]

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Photo Collage Maker: 2 easy tips for Slanted Grids Photo Collage Template

Hi Photo Collage Enthusiast!

I share with you in this video 2 easy tips that will make the design process a lot easier. Even though the tips are really simple and easy to use, I am confident you will find it very helpful. If you like this video, don’t hesitate to pin it on your pinterest […]

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Photo Collage Maker: Honey Comb, Our cool 2 templates in 1

Photo Collage Maker: Discover our “2 templates in 1″ called Honey Comb. If you like this video, make sure to PIN IT! Pay real attention to the layout #4 at the end of the video as this is the most surprising layout :) and you will LOVE IT!

If you don’t have Honey Comb and are […]

Photo Collage Maker: 3 simple steps to create a beautiful Photo Collage using Léa France™ Stencils

Léa France™ templates are reusable and allow you to easily and quickly create many of your own different layouts. The possibilities are endless!

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Magical Sphere by Lynne

Materials Used
Template: Magical Sphere
Card stock: Red, White, Black
Paper and Embellishment: Grid-Iron Laser Cut overlay

Project Details
The Magical Sphere layout was perfect for telling the story of my son’s first tackle football touchdown. There are many shapes that can be created with the magical sphere layout, including a football (as you can see *:) happy).

The center picture […]

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Nathan School Portrait by Sachana

Materials Used
Template: Magical Sphere
Card stock: Light Gray
Paper and Embellishment: Sand, Glitter and Aeronautic Map for the paper
Pen used: Posca pen