Flowers & Mini Grid Léa France® Stencil

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Since Flowers & Mini Grid is part of our seasonal stencil collection and is offered only once a year in July, consider adding the stencil to your wish list for the next sale.  

The Flowers and Mini Grid stencil is 12 by 12 inches, and the grid (small squares surrounding the flowers) are smaller than the squares inside the Grid Stencil.

Each square is 2.06 cm = 13/16 inches

This smaller grid works better for this particular stencil. And this is why it is called Flowers & Mini Grid Stencil. The same size squares are in the stencil called "Mosaic".

Flowers and Mini Grid stencil comes with 6 layout examples and a black and white sketch for easy placement of your papers and photos.

All stencils are laser cut and manufactured in USA using a patented durable plastic that guarantees your template won't tear.

The dimensions are 12 X 12 inches. You can use it for your 12 X 12 pages or for your 8 1/2 X 11 or 8 X 8 albums if you use part of the stencil.


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