3 hours CROP for non Academy members

3 hours CROP for non Academy members

  • $10.00 USD
    Unit price per 

The virtual CROP is from 6AM PT to 6PM PT (4 sessions of 3 hours to pick from) on Saturday, June 22.

Please when you sign up, send an email to orders@leafrance.com and specify the time you want to attend:

6 AM PT to 9AM PT 

9 AM PT to 12 PM PT 

12PM PT to 3 PM PT 

3PM PT to 6 PM PT 

Carine will use zoom meeting for the crop. You will need a computer/laptop or an ipad or tablet so you can see on a big screen what the other attendees are doing during the crop. To make sure you get the best crop experience, we limit the number of seats to 10 people.

If you don't know what zoom meeting is and how to install it, don't worry we have you covered with very easy to follow tutorials, just click on the link below


IMPORTANT: TO ATTEND THE CROP, you just need to click on the link below. Carine will verify that your seat has been paid for to let you in at the time you mentioned in your email. DO NOT WAIT TO GET AN EMAIL TO ATTEND THE CROP, just click and enter the waiting room until Carine lets you in.

The link to the crop is:


If Zoom asks you for a password, use ACADEMY.

As soon as you reserve your seat, you will get a thank you note acknowledging that you reserved a seat. Make sure you get this thank you note otherwise that means you didn't sign up.

SPECIAL OFFER: After attending this crop, if you become a member of the Lea France Academy, not only will you be able to attend any crop for free but the $10 you paid will be transformed to a $10 gift card if you sign up for a 3-month or a 1-year membership. Just send an email to orders@leafrance.com to claim your gift card after you sign up.

This special offer of getting a $10 gift card is NOT valid for a $19 one month membership or 3 months membership but only on one year membership.

To become a Lea France Academy member, visit this page https://www.leafranceacademy.com/lea-france-academy-opening2022/