Water up Fire down Workshop

Who is Master Choi?

Hwanhee Emma Choi has been empowering individuals and groups for over 16 years, currently serving as the regional director of six Body & Brain Yoga Taichi centers in the LA and Orange County region.  She loves to help others to improve their life and relationships, and her mission is to guide others to brighten and grow their consciousness in ways that can widely benefit humanity through sharing principles of Brain Education as a workshop trainer, personal mentor, coach, and energy healer.  She has been recognized among her peers as a leader who has made great contributions to the health and happiness hundreds of practitioners in the region


How you will benefit from this workshop
⭐️ Get simple tools for making yourself resilient to stress
⭐️ Feel empowered to face all of life’s challenges
⭐ ️Have the energy you need to thrive in every part of your life


What You'll Learn:
⭐️ The one energy principle everyone needs to know
⭐ How energy circulation affects your physical, emotional, and mental well-being
⭐ ️How to check your energy condition
⭐ ️4 tools for changing your energy: breathing, meditation, exercise, and awareness.
⭐️ How to make healthy daily energy habits


What you need to do to attend this workshop

This type of workshop would normally cost between $200 to $300 at a minimum but for my scrapbooking family they did a special offer.

All you have to do is order 2 copies of the book "Water Up Fire Down" by Ilchi Lee that costs less than $20 each.  The idea behind it is that you keep one for yourself, and give one to a person that you think will benefit from it. 

You can order the 2 books here on Amazon.

The workshop with Master Choi will go over the basis of getting healthier and happier in your every day life and the book will be your "support" document you can refer to after the workshop is over.

But that's not all, in January there will be a 40 min follow up workshop with Master Kim focusing on exercises. Master Kim is my master for the online classes I take and he is so good!!! 

Once you have placed your order of the 2 books, just forward me the order confirmation email at carine@leafrance.com. Once I receive this email, I will send you the link to the zoom meeting for the training.

If you never used zoom meeting do not worry at all, here are step by step on how to install and use Zoom meeting.