Stained Glass 2 Digital Léa France® Scrapbook Template

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Release April 2020

If you are a traditional scrapbooker, you can create all the combinations you see in digital format with the plastic stencil you can find here.


The files come in different formats:

-PSD for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements version 10 and up.

- PAGE for Artisan

- PNG for ANY program where you can  use .png files.

Check out our quick video below that shows you how to use a digital stencil in Photoshop Elements. In this video, Stained Glass design is used and the software is PSE 11. You can watch the video in full screen if you click on the icon to the right of the HD button.

You MAY use Léa France® Digital templates for:

* Personal Use

* To send to your friends and family members in either a printed format or as a flattened file.

You MAY NOT sell, distribute or share digital download as is or altered or claim any digital product as your own.

Customer Reviews

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So easy to use

Thanks to these templates I am not bound by the classic round and straight forms that you see in most of the digital templates for scrapbooking.
Everything is arranged so that you get a balanced result, everytime again and again. I am a hugh fan.
These templates are worth a 5+ rating for me