Chalking Class

In this class, you will learn how to use chalks to embellish your pages with a very subtile effect. This class is NOT meant to show you how to use the chalks the way you are used to. We use chalks in a very different way in Europe. So be prepared to learn something new even if you have been using chalks for years.

For this class, you will need to have some chalks on hands but if you don't have any, watch the class BEFORE buying them because we recommend a specific brand and some specific colors as the "best color palette" to have.

We cover a lot of topics in this class because we wanted to give you a COMPLETE class on chalking. We talk about papers, chalks, the do's and don'ts and we show you 7 different techniques you can use for your pages. We also have a gallery of layouts in the class with some beautiful chalking examples you can scrap lift. 

All our classes are hosted on a teaching platform different from this website called Once you sign up for the class, you will receive an email within 15 minutes with your access code.

You can watch and rewatch the classes as many times as you want, they are available 24/7 on

If you have any question regarding this class feel free to ask Carine at It's better to be safe than sorry because once the class is delivered there is no refund.

Customer Reviews

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Chalking is so Versatile

Sometimes a layout needs just a little something more to make it pop. This class shows the simple but subtle technique of chalking. You can use it in just a few strategic corners or frame the whole layout. This class shows all its uses and how to apply them. Once you have it in your arsenal it is always there to revisit. As you practice the effect is ever more sophisticated. A terrific class that I consult over and over.

Embracing European style scrapbooking

After discovering Lea France Stencils, I started looking online for inspiration for my pages. What really set these layouts apart as above and beyond beautiful were the chalking and decorative lines. When the chalking class was offered I jumped on board to learn this technique and found that it was so much easier than I had dreamed. The instructions were easy to follow and I loved that I can come back any time and refresh my memory. Bonus that new content is added and I get it for free! Unlike classes at conventions where you pay and get one time instruction, I keep coming back and always learn more! Best value ever! If I could only take one class, this would be it!