Harmony Class

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Instructions to buy this class are below the description


In this class you will learn how to create an interactive page using the Harmony Stencil and the Universal stencil. Stencils are not included in the class, they must be purchased separately. 

This class is the FOUNDATION for all the interactive classes you can take later on. It covers the fundamentals you will need before moving to more complex projects.

The class is hosted on a teaching platform different from this website called www.leafranceacademy.com and need to be purchased on this platform. 

To purchase the class, follow this step
#1: Create your student ID here https://www.leafranceacademy.com/sign-up, it's free to do it.
#2: Check your email to get your access codes. (it could take up to 5 minutes to receive it)
#3: Use your login credentials to access the website and click on the harmony class icon.