I am  so excited to share the new online store I’ve been dreaming of but it took:

1) the amazing feedback from YOU my customers and

2) Rebecca, my talented web developer to make it a reality.

When I asked you inside the Lea France Community how we could make the store work even better, I was blown away by your insightful comments. Here are just a few of the 50+ comments you shared with me:

  • Michelle Park

 - Make it clear that even though the name of the company is “Lea France” that the company is not operating in France but in USA.

Rebecca: This was a really important comment and was important that we made this super clear from the start as soon as the customer lands on the homepage.


  • Angela Bisher

 - Make it easy to sign up for the online classes.


Rebecca: We made the menu super clear on the homepage where the customers can access the Classes and watch the free video tutorials.



  • Linda Gallacher

 - The stencils should be in Alphabetical order and not only sorted by level of difficulty. The color coding can stay but add an option to browse all the stencils by alphabetical order.

- And a specific tab to see the newest products just launched.

Rebecca: You can now sort thru all of the stencils to see what's new, have them in alphabetical order, or use the drop down to filter out the stencils you're looking for.

  • Carla Tedeschi

- Offer a wishlistto enable you to save items to buy later and also a printable document to check off what stencils have been already purchased.

Rebecca: We installed an app that will allow the customers to be able to add any of the products to their wishlist - this will allow them to create a wishlist and send to someone as a hint! We have set it up so that the customer can not only create their wishlist - but they can create any list they want! They can keep all of their current stencils in one list so this way they won’t start duplicating their stencils.


  • Dawn Petrie, Susie Thor and Margie Fota De Smet

 - Make the shopping cart experience more user friendly from the selection of the items up to the check out, and make sure it’s easy to buy on a phone or a tablet too.

Rebecca: This is really clear and easy to use for the customers now - they can add and remove any items to and from their carts, go back and look around the store and find it really easy to use on both desktop and mobile.


I hope you enjoyed the new store and will find each of your future visits a wonderful, smooth experience.

Thank you Rebecca and the members of the Facebook group that took the time to give all the awesome feedback. This wouldn’t have been possible without YOU.